The application of yemaek soft has the following policy in order to protect the privacy and rights of users according to the Personal Information Protection Act.

We will notify you through the app screen and website announcements when revising our privacy policy.

1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

This application is a standalone application that does not collect personal information and does not operate a separate server or collect information.

We may collect non-personally identifiable information that is not directly related to a particular individual, such as features for using iOS service features and advertising services for rewards.

We do not store or use your personal information separately.

2. Personal Information File Status

We do not use or store separate personal information files.

We do not store cookies and do not use them.

However, the information used by the store service and the information used by the advertisement service will be used through the SDK of the corresponding service. This is not information that we store. If you have questions about this, you should contact them directly (Apple and each advertising media).

3. Processing and Retention of Personal Information

We do not directly store or retain personal information.

All of our applications are used indirectly through the SDK of the corresponding media service (Apple, advertising media).

Therefore, we do not have any content to process your personal information or hold your personal information.

4. Matters concerning third party provision of personal information

We do not provide personal information to third parties.

5. Personal information processing consignment

We do not consign personal information.

6. The rights, duties and methods of the information entity

You may exercise your rights as a subject of personal information.

1) Personal information request

2) If there is an error, request correction

3) Deletion request

4) Processing stop request

We do not store or consign personal information.

7. Destruction of personal information

Our applications are stand-alone applications and do not use a separate server.

Also, we will not destroy personal information because we do not store it.

However, if you want, you can destroy all data by 'deleting' the application.

8. Instructions for using third-party modules

The following third-party service modules are included:

admob SDK for iOS
Provider : Google Inc.
Purpose of useļ¼šAd serving
Offer item : Non-personally identifiable ad identifier (Android Advertising ID)

9. Wrote Personal Information Protection Officer

- e-mail :