Funny Square Balloons

Funny Square Balloon is a simple square balloon blowing applications. You blow the breath into the microphone part of the smartphone, The square balloon on the screen, real-time response. It supports five different styles, Step 5 difficulty levels, monochrome / color mode and a sound effect. It tells you to display the time, how fast you have completed. You can spend a fun free leisure time.


* Notes

  •  - Because it is the app to use the microphone, please use the increasing level in noisy places.

* Basic functions

  • You blow the breath into the microphone, while various squares were pushed out of the screen, the balloon rises bloated.
  • When the progress reaches 100%, the balloon blow is complete, complete sound and pop-up will run.
  • The time taken will be displayed.
  • Run the pop-up menu to easily change the level of play, style, and more.

* Popup Menu

  • Supports Step 5 difficulty levels.
  • Supports 5 different styles.
  • Supports Black and white / color modes.
  • Supports a complete sound effect.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later.