Speech 19 x 19 Multiplication Tables

Speech 19 x 19 multiplication table supports the ability to read each step and the multiplication table multiplication table by voice to easily memorize the 19 times tables India.When the speech is available in English, Simplified Chinese, Korean, three kinds of audio support, there is a quiz to test your ability to memorize information, you can check right away to learn more.Supports the ability to read each step in a continuous and repeated reading from 1 to 19.It is a fun app that help learn the 19 x 19 multiplication tables.


* Voice

  • English, Chinese (simplified), Korean, you can choose.

* Times Table 1

  • From 1 to 19, you can see the entire multiplication table at once.
  • Pinch (Pinch), rotation (Rotation), Pan (Pan) it supports three gestures.

* Times Table 2

  • From page 1 to 19 with the multiplication tables, you can see the contents of each stage.

* Learn

  • It gives a speech read by the selected multiplication by voice information displayed on the screen synchronously.
  • In the middle of reading it can be moved to the next stage.
  • It supports full auto-repeat and repeat each step from 1 to 19.

* Quiz

  • One questions at random from 1 to 19 and proceeds in a manner automatically 7 seconds after the answer is filled.
  • Questions are generated from the bottom to top, disappear into vapor form.
  • Loosen the quiz through your head for seven seconds, and will be presented in comparison with the answer.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later.