Voice Support Learning Korean Conversation (Chinese only!)

Voice Support Learning Korean Conversation app, you can easily learn various conversational Korean.The learning effect is greater because Chinese and Korean sentences read by repeating the voice. It can be directly used in real life.


* Voice Support

  • All conversations will play the voice offered.

* Conversations

  • Support 7 category including workplace representation, express services, travel representation, express transportation, express emotion, public authorities and communities.
  • When you select each sub-category list, the conversation will be executed.
  • Chinese conversation and Korean are displayed by voice in order.
  • You can select the tempo, sound through the top of the Settings menu.
  • Only one run (1) run continuously (A), you can choose two options for looping.

* Batch learning

  • From page 1 to 19 with the multiplication tables, you can see the contents of each stage.
  • Automatically repeat a dialogue of all Chinese Korean voice, to help you learn.
  • Clicking on a category, you can easily move on to the next category.
  • And display the current categories and sections, conversation, and play audio at the same time.
  • Button at the bottom of the run, you can start / stop playback of the voice.
  • Do the items go to the previous / next buttons at the bottom in the category.
  • Through the Settings menu at the top it allows you to adjust the audio pace.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.