Message in Photo - Steganography

This application supports the ability to store text messages in images or photos. Storing the message image may be shared via email or mobile, such as a message, the person who receives this image using this application extracts the message included in the image, you can see the contents.If you do not modulate the image, even if repeated several times, sharing the message is retained. Also, if you enter the password, the message is stored encrypted.In this case, you can prevent unwanted users do not read the message.


* Image List

  • You can save the image list containing the message to the list.
  • If you select the image list, you can edit the message contained in the image, or check the extraction.
  • You can easily remove unwanted list.

* Save messages in images

  • You can select the original images you want to include the message.
  • You can edit the saved text messages.

* Message Encryption Support

  • You can enter a password to encrypt your text messages are stored. You can also omitted.
  • The encrypted message provides the function of preventing the message read by the unwanted user.

* Extract images from a message

  • It extracts the messages stored in the original image to be displayed.
  • If a message is encrypted, the password must match.
  • The extracted text message can be used to copy the message.

* share

  • The image is saved messages can be completed easily shared, select the Sharing feature in the list.
  • Received images can be shared and check the contents to extract the stored messages through this application.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.