Egyptian Hieroglyph

Rosetta will provide input and decryption functions for the Egyptian hieroglyphics. You can see an explanation of the alphabet, thousands of glyphs can be seen to directly input. And you can check the meanings of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs through the advance features that provide more than 20,000 words. Screenshots can be saved and sent an e-mail complete data on each screen. The app can be utilized for education and culture.


* Main

  • Supports basic hieroglyphic alphabet input.
  • The words you type, wake up two spaces, or line breaks, the English translation of the typed word is executed automatically.
  • Supports a number input.
  • Supports extended alphabet input.

* Extended keyboard

  • is divided into 28 sections to support the expanded alphabet input.

* Alphabet Menu

  • Explain the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics alphabet.

* Dictionary menu

  • It provides 20,000 words and provides indexing and searching functionality.
  • Search results can be entered in the main editing window.

* Email

  • can send an email and attach a screenshot of each screen.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.