Balloon Blowing

Balloon Blowing is a simple balloon blowing applications. Balloon five blows first set is complete and is composed of all three sets. You can enjoy five levels to adjust the level of difficulty. Day, week, month, year to chart the unit can check the number of balloons to blow, to provide a complete list.


* Notes

  • Because it is the app to use the microphone, should be used where there is no noise.

* Basic functions

  • Blows a breath into the microphone part of the swollen balloon rises.
  • If you blow the balloon is 100% complete.
  • One set is composed of five circuit, it is all composed of three sets.

* Menu

  • Clicking on the Home screen dashboards, lists, set the pop-up menu.

* Dashboard

  • Day, week, month, year confirm the number of times the balloon blow to the chart of cumulative units.

* List

  • Displays the entire balloon blow items.

* Setup

  • Adjustable difficulty levels, supports up to 5 steps.
  • Change the background image support.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.