Ticking Digital Clock

Ticking Digital Clock provides a refined digital clock functions. It supports the realistic ticking sounds. The clock provides the location information based on GPS. Provides a convenient alarm, it can be used as a simple clock.



* Clock ticking sound

  • supports one type of sound.
  • Its function is ON / OFF is possible.

* Location

  • Displays the latitude, longitude, and region of the current location in real time.

* Clock features

  • Supports seven digital clock type.
  • Supports six background and six text color type.

* Alarm

  • You can add an unlimited number of alarms.
  • Alarm is possible to enter the tag name will appear on the confirmation window when the alarm operation.
  • Various default alarm sound is provided and the user music can also be specified.
  • It is also supported by the background mode.
  • The snooze function is supported.

Run the environment

* platform

  • It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.